The MOST amazing app for eBay sellers... period!

List to eBay faster than ever before. Use our exclusive tools like our one of a kind sync. Create beautiful eBay templates too! Manage your orders, messages and more.

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  • Create beautiful eBay listings

    Creating an eBay listing is fast (very fast), simple and allows you to utilize your own custom template or our template builder.

  • Listing profiles

    Create master and sub profiles for super fast listings. Attach profiles which can be automatically updated across all your listings in minutes.

  • Sync updates

    We have the most powerful sync functionality available. Update listings or profiles and our sync automatically updates your listings.

  • Image uploader & manager

    Built in image management suite for full control over your images. Upload and edit your images with ease. You can also upload directly from dropbox!

  • Auto relist rules

    Create auto relist rules which allow you to setup relist schedules and times for your closed listings.

  • inkFrog listing storage

    Keep a history of your listings FOREVER and find and use them quickly using our unique quick search with filters.

  • Template Builder

    Create a professional template in minutes using our exlusive template builder. Start with a prebuilt theme and modify it using our WYSIWYG editor. It's super easy and your eBay listings will never look better.

  • Order & customer management

    Keep track of your orders through inkFrog and send customizable auto emails to your buyers keeping them imformed throughout the process. Mark items as shipped and paid direclty from our app too.

  • eBay messaging built in

    Keep in contact with your buyers with our exclusive messaging. Our messaging is threaded so you can follow your conversations with buyers more effectively!

  • Multiple eBay ID's

    Manage all your eBay accounts from a single interface! Now that is being efficient.

The fastest & easiest way to list on eBay...

Build perfect listings in our unique eBay listing interface. Create variations and multi-sku items too. Nobody has a lister this fast and powerful - yet it's extremely simple to use.

Listing profiles

What good is a listing service if you can't list quickly? Listing profiles allow you to create prefills for each section of our lister. So you can list fast and quick and move on with your day.

Sync so flawless, you’ll believe it’s magic!

One of the greatest inventions ever created. Revise it in inkFrog and it syncs everywhere. Try it once and you will be hooked. It's actually fun.


Image Management

Tired of having your images lost when your listing is over? Want full control over your images? We've got you covered. You can upload, edit, store, and retrieve your images with our powerful image management tools. Store your images forever without worry. You can even upload your images directly from dropbox!

Listing library

Store your listings in your very own library forever. Create folders so you can organize your listings how you want. Find them quickly using our custom filters and create your own saved searches. It's extremely powerful and is what every eBay seller needs.

Templates.. Check!

Our template builder will allow you to create a perfect, professional looking eBay listings. Start with one of our prebuilt themes, then modify it with our WYSIWYG editor to suite your taste and style. Add your logo, tabs, custom text, payment and shipping terms or whatever you like. You can use a custom template too if you like!

Order management

All of your orders are imported into inkFrog for quick and easy management. Update paid and shipped status and automatically notify your buyers of your updates. Managing orders is easier than ever.


Integrated messaging

We have one of the most unique messaging options built right in. It allows you to send and receive eBay messages directly from your account. It's threaded so you can follow correspondence back/forth from you and the buyer. It's also built into your order history so you can follow emails which were tied to a specific order.

& inventory import & sync

Import your Shopify or Bigcommerce items and sync inventory across eBay and Shopify. We're one of the highest rated eBay inventory solutions on Shopify's app market, but don't take our word for it.

This is a great app to use. I almost want to keep it a secret but that would be shameful. Very easy to use and fantastic support staff. This app will sync your store or just a few products with ease on EBay. No more double work for us. Thanks inkFrog!.

Paul B. -

NEW Cross Sell

We've created the best Cross Sell in the industry. It actually enhances your listings while making you more sales! It's non flash based and hides on mobile devices, so it's the perfect experience for the buyer no matter the device they are on.

  • Shipping labels

    Print labels effortlessly with Shipstation. They are a partner of ours and will import all of your eBay orders into their system for quick and easy label printing. You can save money too. Visit shipstation at

  • Free eBay scheduling

    Why pay eBay for scheduling at a later date? Use our scheduler for free and save a boatload, but don't let just this little feature be the reason you signup. We are packed full.

  • Dropbox uploader

    Upload your images directly from dropbox. That means you can use your computer/tablet/phone to sync your images to a dropbox folder, then upload to us quickly.

  • Custom Template Support

    Plugin a few lines of code into your existing, custom template and paste it in. You can then use our lister seamlessly with your design.

  • List to multiple eBay markets

    List to,,,, eBay motors,,,, - eh, lets just say every market eBay offers!

  • Create variation listings

    Not only can you create variations through our lister, you can create them extremely quickly. We've made a complex process extremely simple. Fast and easy is how we do things!


We've partnered with the best eBay research company on the planet to bring you research data directly inside our lister. It's incredible and completely free with a Terapeak subscription. Just activate it by clicking on the Terapeak Icon from our lister.

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